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Online Education

Digital Classroom LIVE with Frank Doorhof

Worldwide Online Broadcast

Great Pictures with Speedlights"

July 15th at 3PM CEST / 5am PST / 8am EST

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord.

Did you miss the live broadcast?  You can watch Frank's online Digital LIVE workshops HERE!

You don’t need big studio strobes to take great pictures. You only need to know how your speedlights work and how to be creative with them. Frank prefers more than one, but you can also create stunning images with only 1 speedlight.

In this episode Frank will demonstrate lighting a model with speedlights. He will show you how to set the lights and coach your model for the best expression.

But there are more advantages to using small flash. If you don’t have space, or just use your living room, small flash is great to enhance the available light and give just a little bit of extra pop.

Frank will show you how you can steer the speedlights for a better result, but also how to get creative by using gels, lens flares, or backlighting. The results are on your screen immediately. And after every setup Frank will show you the retouch process.

And the best thing is you can talk to Frank & the crew LIVE in the chat on YouTube or Facebook.

Special thanks to our sponsors:  BenQ Photographic Monitors, Rogue Photographic, and Nissin Flash.  This episode is all supported by Tether Tools.

Check back frequently for new event listings.

All About Speedlights Online Workshop with Tom Bol

August 3-7th, 2020

Whether you own a dedicated speed light or are brand new to flash photography, we will teach you all about speed lights! Even better, we'll show you how to get started with one flash and a few simple accessories. Transform flat gray urban scenes into moody, compelling photos using a single speed light. Create a compelling travel portrait in 5 minutes. Learn to use flash to enhance landscapes and nature photography all in 5 daily sessions.  Classes will include image review, new techniques and plenty of demonstrations. Students will get a discount on Rogue flash accessories.


The Key to Great People Photos Level 1 & 2 with Gregg Cobarr

July 25th, 2020 - Samy's Camera - Los Angeles, CA

This workshop offered by photographer Gregg Cobarr is a crash course in people photography. In this class students will learn how to take manual control of their camera using the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings. Gregg’s energy and enthusiasm ensures that everyone has a great time while they are learning. 

California Beach Look with Gregg Cobarr

August 22nd - Samy's Camera - Venice Beach, CA

Instructor Gregg Cobarr will teach a variety of lighting techniques to demonstrate how to deal confidently with the difficult challenges of shooting in a beach setting using – flash, diffusers, reflectors and angle of light. There will be instruction on how to balance the natural light with methods of modifying light on the subject as well as the best camera angles and techniques to use. Other aspects of the workshops will be how to pose a model for more interesting and unique photos and how to photograph a model while moving to create a more natural beach look.

Fashion & Beauty Portraits Using Small Lights for Big Results with Noel Del Pilar

August 28th - 30th - PhotoVidCon 2020 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Join Noel Del Pilar at this years PhotoVidCon in Puerto Rico!